Our Culture Pillars

Alere operates in a fast-paced, ever-changing, fiercely competitive environment. To succeed as a high performing global enterprise, we are joining forces as One Alere. This means we strongly agree, and act on, the driving values behind our mission.

Having a strong and cohesive culture makes achieving our mission possible. Our culture is a driving force behind an employee's engagement and performance, and ultimately, our success in the markets we serve. We engage deeply caring and talented employees who want to establish One Alere. They are people who make a difference, leading change in their teams and workplaces, and inspiring others to take action consistent with our culture pillars.

Building One Alere is a journey for us; we embrace transformational leaders and encourage all employees to reinforce the culture pillars in their daily work lives.



We believe in…

Quality First

Quality touches everything we create, do and deliver. Healthcare professionals and patients depend on Alere for the highest quality products.

Patient Focus

We empower employees to make the right choices with the patient in mind.  And our actions have a profound impact on people’s lives. 


We deliver new ideas that work.  We lead our industry by deploying transformational diagnostic products and health information solutions.   We do not chase the market – we create it.  We do not react - we lead.


Collaboration fuels our business.  Whether it happens between employees, partners or customers, collaboration unlocks innovation, insight, and engagement.


Sharing information is everyone’s responsibility.  It is a significant tool for greater engagement and strategic alignment.  


Do the right things and get the right things done.  We believe it is up to us, and none other, to ensure success.  Creating higher levels of ownership engages and empowers us to do all that we can to ensure results are achieved.