The 4th generation of one step HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV-1/2 test

SD BIOLINE HIV Ag/Ab Combo rapid kit is a rapid, qualitative test for simultaneous detection of HIVp24 antigen and antibodies to all isotypes(IgG, IgM, IgA) specific to HIV-1 including subtype-O and HIV-2 simultaneously in human serum, plasma or whole blood.

  • The 4th generation method(detecting both p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV)
  • Detect HIV infection several days earlier than the HIV antibody test
  • Specimen : Serum, Plasma, or Whole blood
  • Sensitivity : 100%
  • Specificity :99.91%
  • 18 months at 1-30℃


   Ordering Information

Cat.No. Description Type Pack size Specimen Validity
03FK30 HIV Ag/Ab Combo Device 30T/kit Serum/Plasma/WB 18M
03FK35* HIV Ag/Ab Combo Device 25T/kit Serum/Plasma/WB 18M

*Lancet, Capillary pipette, Alcohol swab included.



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